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International Engineering Center Established in 1980, Operates in the UAE with its Seven branches and its head office is in Ras Al Khaimah contribution in designing, supervision and tendering, Such as dedicated employees includes multi-national experienced Engineers, Architects, Structural, Electro Mechanical, Civil, Interior Designers, Surveyors, Draughtsman, and other managerial and administration staff.

International Engineering Center is one of the leading Multi-disciplinary Architectural & Engineering Consultants in the UAE and the Middle East.

During more than 30 years, IEC succeeded in the creation of several landmarks & buildings within all types of buildings that has been involved in such as Governmental Buildings, banks, Skyscrapers, Schools, Universities, Mosques, Villas, Commercial and Residential Buildings.

IEC has a professional in-house team that follow up the project with the client from his own conceptual design, passing through several phases such as tendering and execution, ending with the completion of the project. Such a dedicated employees includes multi-national experienced Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, Surveyors, AutoCAD-Draughtsman, and other managerial staff.


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