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Shams Al bawadi Insulation Systems SAB®

It was established in 2004 as a result of the growing demand for reliable contractors, consultants and building owners seeking to improve their buildings' performance by installing efficient water-proofing systems.

Today, Shams Al Bawadi Insulation Systems SAB® has expanded its services beyond just residential buildings: we also provide waterproofing services for commercial properties throughout the region, as well as consultative services for those looking to build their own watertight buildings from scratch or improve existing ones' performance.

With a team of highly qualified engineers, we provide our customers with the best waterproofing products and services through our online store SAB® Shop Online
Shams Al Bawadi also offers an e-commerce platform via SAB® Shop Online that makes it easy for contractors, real estate developers, & building owners to purchase  their waterproofing materials and systems online.

We believe that our customers should be able to enjoy their buildings without worrying about leaks or other problems caused by improper insulation.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and aim to provide our clients with the best services available in this industry.

SAB® Services include:
SAB® Tron Combo Roof System
SAB® Roof Bathroom Waterproofing
SAB® Pro111 Insulation System/ Roof
SAB® Substructure Waterproofing
SAB® Active Polyurea Coating Waterproofing
SAB® Exposed Insulation System
SAB® 3Action Aluminum Sheets Waterproofing
SAB® Crystal 410 Crystalline Waterproofing 
Pile Treatment
Power Floting Concrete
Coring Service

 Products include:
- Crystalline Waterproofing  
We test all our products before they are sold to ensure that they meet all international standards.

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