Crystalline Waterproofing Admixtures  

Crystalline Waterproofing Admixtures  

Velosit Waterproofing Admixtures are concrete admixtures for in-situ or pre-cast concrete. Their purpose is to improve the durability and protection of structural concrete.
 Velosit’s solutions reduce permeability of concrete and provide long term corrosion protection by addressing open porosity and alkali-silica reactivity within the concrete structure, thereby minimizing the risk of corrosion attack. Velosit’s admixtures are particularly useful for protecting critical infrastructure, such as critical secondary containment areas within petrochemical plants and marine structures that are subject to harsh marine environments. Our solutions are compatible with high performance concret


Water retention in concrete and mortar is the leading cause of concrete deterioration, especially in foundations.


 [Customer Proof 'there was a 3% gain in strength']. However, if you don’t apply Velosit’s Waterproofing Admixtures to your foundation before pouring the concrete, you will not have a waterproof foundation.


For every project, I suggest that you ask your local contractor or architect about adding Velosit's Admixtures to the concrete or mortar. The best time to request extra benefits is when it is being tested and designed within the same project


Crystalline Admixtures  

admixture is a unique blend of polymers designed to increase concrete’s plasticity

less water required for pouring a better job of waterproofing concrete.

Seals concrete cracks to prevent water from penetrating concrete

Cures faster with less water for larger/deep forms.


Crystalline Admixtures  

effectiveness of admixtures are related to plasticity

Concrete that is waterproof

 durable and resistant to alkali-silica reaction

Requires no additional reinforcement and minimizes concrete mix proportions

Protect Your Structure from Leaks

No More Leaky Basements

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