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5D General Contracting
02 564 6363
General Building Contractor
A A A Building Materials Import and Trading LLC
-- A A A Building Materials Import and Trading LLC--
07 222 5672
Construction Material Supplier
AAA Cranes & Logistics Heavy Equipment Rental
056 344 6767
Machinery & Heavy Equipment
لتأجير الرافعات و المعدات AAA
A Al Blouki Building Contracting
04 354 8855
General Building Contractor
البلوكي للمقاولات
Abaad Al Sharq Contracting L.L.C
04 332 9975,
General Building Contractor
ابعاد الشرق للمقاولات
Abaad Engineering Consulting FUJ
Consulting Office
الابعاد للاستشارت الهندسية
Abdelhadi Engineering & Contracting Co. LLC - ABCO
06 573 4083
General Building Contractor
عبد الهادي للهندسة والمقاولات ش.ذ.م.م ابكو
Abdul Aziz Electrical Trading & Contracting LLC
--Abdul Aziz Electrical Trading & Contracting LLC--
06 742 2558
Electrical & Sanitary Works
Abdulla Ahli Electromechanical Works (L.L.C)
--Abdulla Ahli Electromechanical Works (L.L.C)--
04 269 6331
MEP contractor
Abdulla Al Qamzi Transport & General Contracting
--Abdulla Al Qamzi Transport & General Contracting--
02 644 6264
General Building Contractor
Abdulla Al Shara Cont. & Bldg. Maint.
09 223 6996
General Building Contractor
عبد الله الشرع لمقاولات البناء و الصيانة

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