Pidilite Dr Fixit Pu Sealant - 600 Ml

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Dr. Fixit PU Sealant is a one-part polyurethane joint sealant suitable for horizontal and vertical use. Dr. Fixit PU
Sealant meets the requirement of ASTM C920 and ISO classification F25LM.
Typical Application
}}Movement joints in precast concrete construction.
}}Balcony parapets.
}}Retaining walls.
}}Bridge culverts.
}}Floor joints.
}}General caulking to windows,door frames & skirting etc.
}}Ready to use single component product.
}}Forms a permanent, tough, elastic rubber seal.
}}Excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, painted wood, glass, glazed surfaces, aluminum, stainless steel,
steeland plastics.
}}No staining of cementitious substrates.
}}Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movement.

600 ml sausage, 20 per box
Price per pc. 13.00

}} Do not expose the sealant to high temperatures during application.
}}Do not use in direct contact with materials containing pitch or bitumen (avoid use of bitumen products
asbacking board).
}}Avoid application directly onto damp substrates.
}}High temperature and excessive humidity may cause bubbles to form in the surface of the sealant.
Avoidapplication during the hottest part of the day or in full sunshine.

Sealant requirement (in ml) = Length (in cm) x Width (in cm) x Depth (in cm).

Shelf Life:
Shelf life is 9 months from the date of manufacturing if stored in original and unopened packaging in a cool dry
place away from direct sunlight.

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Dr. Fixit PU Sealant TDS

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