RAKAM - Rak Proof FB 208 Green 20Kg

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Acrylic Waterproof with Fibre

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RAKAM - Rak Proof

FB 208 Green

(Acrylic Waterproof with Fibre)

RAK PROOF FB is a specially formulated hi build single pack, high quality, elastomeric waterproof coating. It has outstanding durability, uv resistance and a very high degree of flexibility.


• One component; ready to apply direct from the can.
• Liquid application means details are simplified and
• there are no joints in the membrane. Highly elastic ,  cures to give a permanently flexible  resilient barrier  over a wide range of temperatures. Rapid Installation;  significantly reduces time spent on Preparatory works  and detailing
• Excellent adhesion can be applied to a wide range of
• Substrates. Continuous adhesion prevents lateral migration  of water Impervious outstanding barrier properties ensure protection against corrosive soil conditions
• Thermally stable-irreversible chemical cure.
• Eliminates melting and flow at high temperature Excellent  resistance to oxidation and embrittlement.
• Mechanical damage to the membrane can be easily repaired by spot application.


The high elasticity, excellent bond and low water permeability of RAK Proof-FB makes it ideal for a wide range of water/vapour proofing applications such as foundations, basements, tunnels, ground floors, suspended floors, car decks, roof terraces, balconies, patios, bridges, precincts, inspection pits, water retaining structures(not potable water), sewage works, inverted roofs , toilets, bathrooms, kitchens etc. The excellent chemical resistance of RAK Proof-FB makes it particularly suitable for tanking applications in areas where agressive ground water conditions

Ordering Guide:

Product No.       --208
Standards          -- ASTM D 4541 BS EN 12390 Pt 8:2000 , 
Packaging          -- 5 , 20 kg per pail
Color                  -- White
Must be protected between 5°C and 30°C. 12 months in unopened airtight containers.  

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