AWAZEL - Awatex 6500 200L

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waterproof rubberized emulsion

 is a high performance bituminous damp proof and waterproof rubberized emulsion, non fibered type, manufactured by using hard bitumen special synthetic resins polymer and other ingredients, it has excellent adhesion property which dries to a highly elastic, tough, black, seamless flexible protective coating.

Special Features
• Highly flexible to rsist structural movements
• Cold applied, can be used directly from the container
• Non toxic and non flammable
• Single component and easy to apply
• Seamless coating which eliminates the Possibility of Irakage occuring due to Overlaps and joints
• Resist the attack of chemicals and salts

AWAZEL AWATEX RBE 6500 is ideal to be used as damp proof elastomeric coating for all Concrete structures to withstand movements. Can be used as flexible waterproof coating for Floor and tiles, etc, also can be used as Protective elastomeric coating for woods and Metals against corrotive attackes.

Storage & Shelf Life
AWAZEL AWATEX RBE 6500 should be kept in original packing in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight between 5oC and 45oC. It has a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly as mentioned above under moderate temperature.

2-3 m2\liter\coat. The coverage may vary depending upon the porosity of the substrate. A dry film thickness of 500-600 microns can be obtained while applying at a rate one liter\sq. meter.


Note : The above shown technical data are typical results obtained, to the best of our
knowledge, from our quality control records, extra details can be provided upon request,
(AWAZEL reserves the right to alter the product specification without prior notice)


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