Baucoat WP Plus Green Acrylic 20L

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BAUCOAT WP is a single component, elastomeric, acrylic waterproofing and protective coating.
BAUCOAT WP upon curing forms a tough, flexible and durable coating which is resistant to UV and other weathering agents.
BAUCOAT WP is also used to protect exposed concrete structures against carbonation and chloride ion diffusion
Used as waterproofing and protective
coating for the following structures:

  • Sloped concrete roofs, metal profile roofs & asbestos roofs
  • Anti carbonation coating in car park decks
  • Protective coating on underpasses & concrete bridge decks
  • Protective coating on polyurethane foam insulation
  • Single Component, Easy to Apply
  • Protects exposed concrete structures against Carbonation and ingress of atmospheric gases and salts
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Elastomeric -high crack bridging capability
  • Excellent adhesion to most of the substrates

APPLICATION INSTRUCTION Application procedures may vary slightly depending upon site conditions. The
general recommended guidelines for the application of the coating are as follows:
Clean the surfaces which shall receive the coating of all dust, dirt, moss, oil and grease, loose particles, cement laitance and all other deleterious materials which will affect the adhesion of the coating with the substrate. Cracks and potholes shall be repaired with concrete repair mortar from the ECOREP* range.
Clean the surface of all rust scales. This can be achieved by wire brushing or grit blasting.
BAUCOAT WP shall be diluted with 20% water and applied as primer coat on the concrete surface to seal the pores and stabilize the surface. The primer also functions as an adhesion promoter for the top coats. This primer coat can be applied by a brush, roller or airless spray and allowed to dry completely before the application of acrylic coating.
Mix the contents of the drum prior to the application to remove any sediment. BAUCOAT WP can be applied by soft bristled brush, roller or an airless spray.

BAUCOAT WP is supplied in 25 kg Pails and 200 Ltr Drum.

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