AWAZEL fiber board 10 mm

AWAZEL FIBER BOARD is a bitumen fiber joint filler board made from sugar cane fiber waste, Cane fibers are longer and more resilient for superior expansion and contraction in filler boards. Asphalt makes the boards very tough and durable as well as increases the life span of the product.
Special Features
• Excellent compression when subjected to a load between 689 to 5171 kPa (or 100 to 750 PSi) in order to compress it by 50% of its original thickness, it shows a loss of not more than 0.1 to 0.2% by weight.
• Excellent concrete bonding
• Low moisture absorbation
• Durability and easy handling
• Load handling ability
• Unaffected by temprature changes
• Excellent Recovery when compressed to 50% of its thickness, it is observed that it recovers to 80-85% of its original thickness, within 10 minutes after the load is removed. Thus preventing the concrete from cracking.
• Excellent Extrusion when compressed to 50% of its thickness with 3 edges restrained, it shows an extrusion of not more than 1 to 2mm on its free edge. (Permitted : less than or equal to 6.4mm)
AWAZEL FIBER BOARD is recommended for Expansion joint filler strips in all concrete traffic surfaces like highways, airport, runways and streets. Also recommended in driveways, aprons, pavements, curbs, gutters . Can be used for other concrete
paving work and in reinforced concrete structures like piers.
Method for Application
AWAZEL FIBER BOARD is brought flush with the concrete slab and extends full depth of the slab, placed approximately ¾ of an inch below the surface of the concrete slab. A suitable sealant is applied either at the top or bottom of the slab to close the joint against hydrostatic pressure. The dowel bar is used to preserve alignment of adjacent sections of concrete slab. AWAZEL FIBER BOARD is fabricated to receive dowel bars and the entire joint assembly is placed in position.
AWAZEL FIBER BOARD is installed along with the steel grid work after this process is complete the concrete is poured into the grid work
Health & Safety
AWAZEL FIBER BOARD has no health hazard due to its use and applications.
Should be kept flat in original packing in a shaded area. Normally the pallets can be stacked one over another.
AWAZEL FIBER BOARD are produced in sheets of 10 x 2.2 x 1.22 and 10 x 2.44 x 1.22 meters.

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