AWAZEL PY 4180 L 4mm sbs modified membren

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Polymer membrane, reinforced with 180 or 200 or 2150-g/m2 non- woven polyester mat. The polyester combines high tensile strength with an elongation above 50 %. (SBS) modified bituminous.

Reasonable flexibility at low temperature Durable and easy to apply Stability at high temperature Remarkable resistance to aggressive attack of salts and chemicals High tensile strength and elongation Excellent tear and puncture resistance..

Used in one or two layers as tanking in basements or for waterproofing of roofs. A single layer followed by a layer of PY 40200LM can be used for exposed roofs.

Instructions for Application:
The membrane fully bonded or loose-laid by torch welding. The substrate should be cleaned and primed with AWAZEL PRIMER D
41and allowed to can be installed dry. Torching should be done by skilled labor and should be controlled so that only the PE film is melted and the asphalt coating is softened sufficient to bond the All lap membrane. joints smoothed and sealed using a heated round- nosed trowel. The heat of the gas flame should be applied to the trowel. In loose- should be.

laid applications, only the lap joints, areas around penetrations (pipes etc.), Upstands and a 30 perimeter of the work should be fully
bonded. Upstands and flashings should be installed using 1 M wide pieces cut from the length of the roll. (The overlap joints should be 5 to 10 cm at the sides and 15 cm at the cm wide strip around the end).

Packing: It is produced in rolls of 1 x 10 meters; The rolls are palletized and shrink-wrapped.

Storage & Material Handling:
The rolls should always be stored vertically in a shaded area. Normally the pallets should not be stacked one over the other. However, if a wooden board is used in between, two pallets may be stacked one over the other.

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