SAB® Water Stopper Insulation System

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55.00 د.إ

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Supply and apply of approved quality waterproofing system for roof (Combo Roofing System) all in according with the drawing and specification:-

1- Polyurethane foam BASF/ B3-F, 40-45 mm thick and density 45 Kg/m3 .
2- SAB® Bitumen Rubberized - Liquid protection coat (600 mic.Thick).
3- Geotextile /Separation Layer 100 g/m2.
4- Filler board/flexible sheet & cement stand mortar.
5- Concrete screed (25N / MM - 350 OPC, 70 MM AVE. Thick.) without ice.
6- Angle fillet (cement sand mortar and SBR bonding agent).
7- Expansion joint filler (Backing rod + Pu sealant).
8- Acrylic Top coat final with primer.