RAKAM 203 RAK Tile Fix WP

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Water Resistant Tile Adhesive

RAK Tile Fix WP is a easy mix polymer modified cement based tile adhesive. it is
composed of grey or white color powder and does not contain fiber, asbestos or any
other harmful components

High bond strong
Water resistant
Tropical grade
Formulated to suit Middle East conditions

RAK TILE FIX WP is used for permanent
fixing of ceramic tiles for intemal
It may be suitable for use in:
Regular Rooms


Place 5.0- 5.25 liters of cold, potable water (or Bond SBR as needed)
in the mixing bucket and add slowly 25 kg bag of RAK TILE FIX WP
under continuous mixing till a uniform lump free consistency mix is
achieved. For mixing process, a slow speed drill (200- 300rpm) fitted
with a suitable paddle is recommended. Allow the obtained mix to
stand for about 5 minutes and then remix before application.

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