VELOSIT® CA 112 Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture

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Application fields
VELOSIT CA 112 is a crystalline waterproofing
admixture for concrete. It is very economical
and easy to apply. VELOSIT CA 112 creates a
crystalline structure inside the concrete reducing
the amount and diameter of the capillary pores.
Typical application fields besides others are as
• Waterproof concrete for basements and
below grade parking structures
• Waterproofing of sewage structures
• Waterproofing of tunnels and pipelines
• Slab waterproofing (dry shake application)
• Waterproofing of elevator pits
• Waterproofing of shotcrete
VELOSIT CA 112 is a powder admixture that
initiates a crystalline reaction in concrete. The
reaction takes place with the free lime of the
concrete and creates a permanent reduction of
water permeability. Besides that it allows the
structure to self-heal shrinkage cracks under
contact with water.
VELOSIT CA 112 is mixed into the concrete
either at the batch plant or on site into the batch
• Self healing properties of treated concrete
of up to 0.4 mm static cracks
• Waterproof up to 400ft (13 bars) in properly
formulated mix designs
• Slightly hydrophobic
• Easy to mix
• Increased final strength
• Little influence on concrete setting and
strength development
• Increased resistance against aggressive
media with a pH range of 3-12 and against
soft water with low ion content

1.) Concrete requirements
Waterproof concrete requires several measures
to ensure a dense structure.
Cement: VELOSIT CA 112 can be used with
most ASTM Type I – V cements. Only cement
types with more the 50% pozzolanic content are
not suitable. Cement content must be at least
472 lbs. per yd3. Fly ash: Total fly ash must be
less than 50% of the cement content.
Water: potable water quality with a maximum
dosage of 55% on cement content (water/
cement ratio < 0.55).
Pozzolans: Pozzolanic additives like Microsilica
or slag should be avoided as they compete with
VELOSIT CA 112 for the available lime.
Aggragates and sand: Ensure a proper sieve
curve according to good concreting practice as
outlined for example in the ACI guidelines.
Admixtures: VELOSIT CA 112 is compatible with
most concrete admixtures.
For compatibility of VELOSIT CA 112 trial mixes
are strongly recommended.
Rebar: Amount and layout of reinforcement
must be planned to minimize the risk of crack
development. The rebar design is not influenced
by the use of VELOSIT CA 112.
2.) Processing
The dosage depends on the amount of mixing
water including aggregate moisture in the batch
mix. Add 1.8% VELOSIT CA 112, i.e.1.5 lbs. per
10 gal (1.8kg per 100 l). In a typical 505 lbs. per
yd3 with a water/cement ratio of 0.45 this equals
a dosage of 0.8% on cement.
a.) Batch-plant: Add VELOSIT CA 112 together
with the aggregates. Use normal mixing
b.) Concrete truck: Add VELOSIT CA 112 into
the drum when the truck arrives at the job site.
Mix for 8 min. at high speed before pumping.
Trial mixes with the concrete mix design are
strongly recommended for this application.
c.) Site mixes: Concrete mixed in small tumbler
mixers can also be improved with VELOSIT CA
112. As the mixing intensity is lower, we
recommend producing a slurry of VELOSIT CA
112 with 100-200% water to ensure proper
mixing results.

3.) Placing
Concrete can be placed as specified. Take
special care of the compaction by properly
vibrating the placed concrete. Install joint
waterproofing solutions from our VELOSIT line
in any cold joints or construction joints.
4.) Curing
Follow standard curing procedures for the site
conditions. Take the required steps by either
water curing as specified or applying a curing

Quality features
Color: gray
Density: 9.17 lb/gal
Water impermeability acc. EN 12390-8
(concrete with 310 kg OPC per m3, w/c= 0.45):
- Positive side: 190 psi (13 bar)
- Negative side: 190 psi (13 bar)
Compressive strength compared to untreated
7 days: + 2%
28 days: + 3%
Self-healing of static cracks: max. 0.4 mm (16
Fire rating EN13501-1: Class A1

VELOSIT CA 112 is available in 55 lb (25 kg)
watertight plastic bags.
VELOSIT CA 113 can be stored in unopened
original packs for 12 months at 40-95°F
(5-35°C) in a dry storage place protected
against sunlight.

Please observe the actual valid material safety
data sheet and follow the described safety
measures for handling of the product.

VELOSIT CW 112 is only available for
professional applicators.
Concrete treated with VELOSIT CA 112 may
discolor or show strong efflorescence in water
contact. This is normal and caused by the
crystalline reaction.


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