Rockwool Slab 50mmx30kg Unfaced in Black Poly Bag

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Fujairah Rockwool Slabs Unfaced, a type of insulation material made from non-combustible resin bonded fibers. The insulation is chemically neutral, rot-proof, non-hygroscopic, and does not encourage the growth of bacteria, mold, or fungi. It is also fire-resistant, has low thermal conductivity, and good acoustic absorption. The insulation is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or slightly curved surfaces, ducts, tanks, large vessels, cavity walls, curtain walls, and sandwich panels. The standard delivery size is 600mm x 1200mm, but other sizes are available upon request. The insulation is compatible with all other forms of material with which it is likely to come in contact in normal industrial and building applications.

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3. Chemical Neutrality Chemically neutral with a pH va lue of 7-8 when tested in accord ance with BS-2972: Section 22. It will neither cause nor promote c orrosion. It meets the require ments of ASTM C-795 the standard specification for thermal insula tion for use in contact with au stenitic stainless steel as per ASTM C-692 (Corrosion test) and ASTM C-871 (Chemical analysis). It contains low level of chlorides when tested in accor dance with BS 2972: Section 21, A STM C-871 and AGI Q 135. Biological Properties Rot-proof, non-hygroscopic, will not sustain vermin and will no t encourage growth of bacteria, mold or fungi. Physical Properties Asbestos-free and shot content i s very low when tested as per ASTM C-1335 and BS-2972 Section 14. Packing Supplied in polyethylene bags. Unit Price For details on pric e our sales office c an be contacted. Technical Advice For further details of informa tion on technical data, specialis t product information, applications, heat loss calculations or economic thickness, our sales office can be approached.

1. REF: FRF-TDS/0379/2023 DATE: 28 March 2023 Fujairah Rockwool Slabs Unfaced Packed in Black Poly Bag SXXX Thickness: 50 mm Density: 30 kg/m 3 Fujairah Rockwool slabs conformi ng to ASTM C-612 and equivalent BS-3958 Part 5 are designed for thermal and acoustic insulati on of flat or slightly curved surfaces. These slabs are produced from long, non-combustibl e resin bonded fibers. They are easy to cu t, fit and handle. The robust fibers in the slabs combine high levels o f thermal efficiency and acousti c absorption. Applications Designed for a wide range of app lications at bot h high and low service temperat ures. It can be used on both flat and slight ly curved surfaces for thermal and acous tic insulation. They are also suitable for thermal insulation of ducts , tanks, large ve ssels, cavity w alls, curtain walls and sandwich panels. Standard Delivery Available in standard width o f 600 mm and lengt h of 1200 mm. Other sizes are available upon request. Service Temperature Plain Rockwool Insulation has a s ervice temperature of 780°C wh en tested in accordance with DIN 52271 for 80mm thickness and 100 kg/m 3 density. However there is possible deviation for lowe r densities and with facings . The user is advised that it is possible that the maximum use te mperature of facings and adhesives is lower than the maximum use tem perature of the insulation. The u ser shall ensure that sufficient thickness shall be installed so none of these accessory items ( facings and adhesiv es) are exposed to temperatures above their maximum use temperature. Compatibility Compatible with all other forms of material with which it is li kely to come in contact in normal industrial and building applications.

2. Fire Safety Rockwool Insulation alone is non- combustible when tested in acc ordance with BS-476: Part 4 1970 and ASTM E-136. Class A, when tested in accordance ASTM E – 84. Thermal Conductivity Fujairah Rockwool products show r emarkably low thermal conducti vity values with ty pical figures in accordance with BS 874, equival ent ASTM C 177/C 518. We have te st reports at 35°C mean temperature for 40kg/m 3 and 70kg/m 3 densities. Mean Temp o C k-Value W/mK 30 kg/m 3 24 0.041 35 0.043 50 0.047 100 0.059 150 0.078 200 0.098 250 0.126 The table shows the te st results for their raw density in accor dance with the test report. These results are not binding because they wer e converted. Acoustic Properties Typical sound absorption figures are shown below in accordance with BS 3638 & ISO 354 and equivalent ASTM C 423. We have test certificate for 70kg/m 3 and 100kg/m 3 densities. The table shows the te st results for their raw density in accor dance with the test report. These results are not binding because they wer e converted. Hz 30 kg/m 3 125 0.22 250 0.60 500 0.86 1000 0.92 2000 0.99 4000 0.98 The NRC value of the menti oned product sha ll be 0.80. Moisture Water repellent, non-hygroscopi c, non-capillary, and does not a bsorb any moisture from the air nor does moisture have any effect on the stability of the slabs. W ater absorption test certificate conducted unde r BS 2972:Section 12 and ASTM C- 209 are available upon request.


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