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Biplas PL is an ideal membrane for the waterproofing of roofs, foundations, basements and footings, tanking and car parks. It can also be used for the waterproofing of terraces, wet areas, bathrooms and others.

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2. 2/2 Technical data sheet . Edition: 09.19-A Properties Test Method Typical Values Thickness Reinforcement base Tensile strength - long - trans Elongation - long - trans Lap joint strength - long - trans TEAR RESISTANCE - long - trans Low temperature flexibility* Puncture Resistance Static Puncture Resistance Dynamic Water Absorption (n/a slate) Flow Resistance less than 2mm Reaction to fire Elongation @peak (L/T),% - long - trans Shear Resistance (L/T),(N/5mm) - long - trans Softening point(R&B),(0C) Biplas membranes are resistant to chlorides, sulphates and phosphates found in ground water ASTM D5147 EN 1849-1 EN 12311-1 EN 12311-1 EN 12311-1 EN 12311-1 EN 12317-1 EN 12317-1 ASTM D5147 ASTM D5147 EN 12730 EN 12691 ASTM D570 EN1110 EN 13501-1 ASTM D 5147 ASTM D 5147 ASTM D-36 TOLERANCE -0.2mm ±20% ±20% ±15% ±15% ±20% ±20% min min min min mlv mlv mlv Euroclass 4.00mm 180 gms/m² non woven Polyester 750 N/5cm 550 N/5cm 40% 45% 750 N/5cm 550 N/5cm 550 N 375 N 0 º C 20 kg > 700mm <0.15% 100 º C F 42% 54% 820N/50mm 620N/50mm 157 º C DISCLAIMER While the company guarantees its products against defective materials, the use and application of these products are made without guarantee since the conditions of their application are beyond its control. It is recommended to verify with the company that the product is suitable for the intended use, and that this Data Sheet version is the latest one. The company may modify it without prior notice. Technical characteristics are listed for guidance only. For more information, please contact the company’s office in your location. NOTE The information included on this Technical Data Sheet is the sole property of Saint-Gobain Middle East Holding SAL (previously SODAMCO Holding).The unauthorized disclosure, use, dissemina- tion or copying (either whole or partial) of this data sheet or any information it contains, is prohibited and subject to legal pursuit. Biplas PL 4MM/180 * Different cold flexibility value can be supplied to special order * Available as well in 200 & 250 gr WATERPROOFING

1. PACKAGING Biplas PL 4MM/180 GENERAL Biplas PL 4MM/180 is an ideal membrane for the waterproof- ing of roof, foundations, basements and footings, tanking and car parks. It can also be used for the terraces, wet areas, bathrooms and others. SPECIAL FEATURES • Provides a positive barrier to water and vapor. • Has excellent resistance to atmospheric agents. • High flexibility at low temperatures. • Maintains shape stability at high temperatures. • Its high performance capabilities enable it to withstand thermal shocks, making it ideal for use in exposed systems. • Resistance to water-borne chemical attack. • Accommodates structural movement. COATING MIXTURE The coating / impregnation mixture used in Biplas PL 4MM/180 waterproofing membrane, which is also the water- proofing agent, is bitumen which has been heavily modified with APP thermoplastic resins, and stabilizers. This mixture gives the membrane excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and ageing, whilst maintaining shape stability at high temperatures, thus allowing high adhesion strength and making it easy to apply, with consequent saving in time and manpower. REINFORCEMENT CORE The membranes are reinforced with a core of non-woven spun bond with continuous thread Polyester fabric, which has a weight of 180 g/m² and is both rot-proof and highly malleable. It is this core which gives the membrane its excellent mechanical properties, allowing for good elongation and affording high resistance to puncture. As an added feature, this core is first impregnated with the coating mixture. FINISH The upper surface of the membrane is covered with a thin polyethylene film or on demand, can be covered with fine sand. The bottom surface is covered with a thin film of polyethylene that is burnt-off during the torching process. APPLICATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT You will need a propane gas torch, a gas cylinder, a knife for cutting and trimming and a trowel with a rounded end. METHOD OF APPLICATION The application of Biplas PL 4MM/180 waterproofing membrane is both easy and quick. Where it is to be laid directly in a one-layer system on concrete, tiles or an existing roofing system, a coat of dry prime WB or dry prime SB at the rate of 200-300 g/m² should first be applied. Allow this coating to dry thoroughly. In areas of high humidity we recommend it should be left overnight. As in all other application, the membrane should first be unrolled and positioned correctly on the surface to be treated. Each roll should overlap the adjacent roll by 10 cm. Once the roll has been positioned correctly, the membrane should be rolled up gain, taking care not to change its orientation. Using left to right movements, heat the lower surface of the membrane with a propane gas torch. This will cause slight surface melting and adhesion to the substrate. Continue the above method for consecutive rolls remembering overlaps must be 10 cm and end laps 15 cm. Inspection of lap joints must be carried out to ensure total adhesion. 1/2 Technical data sheet . Edition: 09.19-A APP modified bituminous membrane - Plain Leb Syria Jordan UAE Qatar Kuwait KSA Oman 1x10 m 1x10 m 1x10 m 1x10 m 1x10 m 1x10 m 1x10 m 1x10 m WATERPROOFING


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